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                                                                                                                                           large dog toys

Large dogs need large dog toys and there are plenty available.

Large dogs and large dog toys go together. Giving a large dog a small toy could be inviting disaster as dogs try to chew up and possibly eat what they have just

slobbered over. But disasters donít happen too often but we still have to be careful. 

There is now a wide range of big latex dog toys and the best in my view is the Kong. The Hurley is rumored to be indestructible with a lifelong guarantee and the company will replace any that break apart. 

These big toys are built tough for the savage chewer and they do last. 

But they donít last forever, so if they start to wear out get a new one. Not all dogs rip everything to shreds so there are extra large plush toys for the dog that needs something soft to sleep on. If you need something that is a bit tougher than most try the Tuffies range of plush dog toys. They have a Tuffies scale that rates how tough a plush toy is but that is for normal dogs. 

If your dog is a squeaker hater and wants to kill the squeaker then these toys wont stand a chance. If your dog needs something to throw around that squeaks then these toys should be alright. 

Most of the most common brands bring out a large or even an extra large and these are specially designed for the big mouth. My rule is to always get a toy my dog cannot get in itís mouth, and that way I donít have to worry about the dog swallowing something it shouldnít.

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