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                                                                                                                                       Interactive dog toy

When your dog needs to lose some weight or just have some fun drop an Interactive Dog Toy into his lap

Actually many dog toys are interactive, stating with the mighty Kong, a heavy duty latex toy. These toys are designed to get your dog to do something and that is to gnaw away until they get at the treats. Now there are lots of toys that do this like the Buster Food Cube and the Goodie Balls and Goodie Ships.

This concept of squeezing little treats out of toys has spilled over to getting your dog to get objects out of toys. 

The iQube Puzzle and the iQube Cagey Cube are plush toys that are similar in that your dog has to get small balls out of the cube. These products will keep your pet occupied for hours and are both mentally and physically stimulating. They are also good at developing problem solving skills. You just push the balls inside the puzzle or cage and let your dog get them out again. 

Another set of products that follow this concept are the Hide A Bird, Hide A Squirrel and Hide A Bee series. The little plush animal has a squeaker and you put them inside the birdcage, tree trunk or hive and let your dog try and get them out. As these are plush toys and the animals are quite small you have to watch your dog or you might come home to a completely destroyed bird nest and no little birdies. 

Another similar range of products are the Egg Babies. Here again they are plush toys and the eggs are put in little pockets for your dog to try and get out. 

There are endless numbers of interactive dog toys you just have to find something that will last.

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