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                                                                                                                                        Indestructible dog toy

Dog love to chew so an indestructible dog toy would come in handy.

When buying dog toys and especially those that claim they are indestructible check the label. Most say your dog should be supervised to make sure it doesnít get too carried away and chew it all up in one sitting. Any toy with bits poking out

that can be chewed off probably will be, so keep an eye on them. One of the main things to check is the size of the toy. 

It is better if your dog canít get the indestructible dog toy in itís mouth. 

This way it has less chance of being destroying it in one sitting. The chewing action by the dog helps to clean its teeth so a toy that is not too hard is better as it can fold around the teeth. 

One of the few indestructible toys that are guaranteed is the Hurley. If your dog manages to destroy it and you send it back to the company they will send you a new one. And I have heard they actually do so it is a good deal. This toy is made from Zogoflex and that is a soft substance, so the toy is also good for cleaning teeth. It is not a hard bone even though the shape is like a bone.

My favorite is the ĎKongí as this is virtually indestructible, but big breeds have been known to destroy them. This is a treat dispenser so as your dog gnaws away on the Kong he can squeeze treats out. This will keep your dog busy for hours. There are many dog toys out there so check out a few and your dog will love the variety.

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