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                                                                                                                                Indestructable dog toy

When you are looking for an indestructable dog toy where to you look

Dogs are designed to gnaw and chew on anything they can sink their teeth into, so what indestructable dog toy can you safely give your pet. Well, most heavy chewers have trouble taking out a Black Kong, but the problem arises when your

savage chewer doesn’t like the rubber taste of the Kong. Even after it has been filled with peanut butter and treats. Another dog toy that is rumored to be as indestructable as the Kong is the Hurley but they are still made from hard plastic, so your dog mightn’t like that either. Hurley even comes with a money back guarantee. 

Fire hoses are nearly indestructable dog toys so if you can get hold of a piece of real fire hose then your problems should be over, but they are not that easy to come across. But you can buy one specially made as a dog toy. Another difficult toy to try and get hold of is the rubber piece from inside a milking machine. So if you can get down on the farm you might be able to pick up a few old ones. Dog owners who use these milking machine rubbers swear by them. 

Also another nearly indestructable dog toy is The Cuz. There are mixed reviews about how long a dog can chew off the legs, but one thing most dog owners agree on is your dog will fall in love with The Cuz so be prepared.  Anyway as with all new dog toys always keep an eye on your dog to make sure the new indestructable toy doesn’t end up as dessert.

For a complete range of dog toys, whether indestructable or otherwise, have a look at our dog toys page












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