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                                                                                                                         Hunting dogs

Hunting Dogs have been bred by mankind over the generations for a specific purpose, like hunting rabbits and mice or foxes.

Man in his endeavor to get a better hunting dog for whatever purpose always selected the best dogs to breed from. Now we have ended up with a dog that is very good at doing a specific job. But nowadays dogs do not work like they

used to do, as modern farming methods, chemicals and guns have made life easier for us, but the names still remain. 

The Golden Labrador and the Labrador retriever were initially bred to bring animals that had been shot back to the shooter. They are still used as hunting dogs today but mainly for sport, and now they are the most popular House Dog in the US. 

A large number of hunting dogs have changed what they hunt in modern society. 

For example the big dogs like the Bloodhounds were bred as scent dogs so they could follow the scent of wolves, deer and large game. Now they are used by the police to find missing people or escaped criminals. Also scent dogs are used at international airports looking for food and drugs.

The hunting dog is just not used anymore because their prey is either on an endangered species list or is so few in numbers it is not a problem any more, like Foxhounds and Otter Hounds. Small dogs like the Terrier and the Beagle were used for hunting rats and rabbits and other small game to bring back for food and are now they are replaced by a cat.

Anyway it doesn’t matter what dog you have, you still need to look after it and feed it and that is where these online stops come in handy. I buy my stuff from them and have had no problem.

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