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                                                                                                                                            homemade dog toy

If you are fed up with your dog chewing through all his dog toys why not make a homemade dog toy yourself.

Actually to make a homemade dog toy is easier than you think. You can use towels or socks or any material like jeans that have seen better days and turn it into a plush dog toy. Just be careful your dog doesn’t get the idea that any material lying

around is fair game. 

Always change the shape like with socks, the easiest dog toy to make, tie a big knot in the sock or tie them together like a rope toy, so your dog knows the difference between his socks and your socks. Also with socks you can put a tennis ball inside and tie the end, instant throw toy. 

With long walk socks stick a used soft drink plastic bottle inside and tie the end, a sort of semi latex toy. These will keep your dog happy for hours on end, and as a bonus your socks will smell of you, so they will comfort your dog when you are not there. It is probably better to not wash your socks before using them as dog toys. 

For these simple and easy to make toys any socks will do. 

Another easy-to-make toy is with old hand towels, tea towels or cut up an old bath towel. Just like the sock, tie a big knot in the middle or two knots and throw it to your dog. If you cut the legs of an old pair of jeans you can use those as dog toys. 

The easy way is just tie a knot in the middle and throw them to your dog. The hard way is fill the legs up with old pieces of cloth and sow up the ends. This gives your dog a different chew toy and jeans are built tough so they can last a long time.

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