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                                                                                                                                    Fleece Dog Toy

When you go to work give your dog a Fleece Dog Toy as they retain your scent

There are many different dog toys to choose from, like the plush dog toys or the rubber or latex toys. Some are for aggressive chewers while others are for the more laid back type of dog. But if you have a dog that gets lonely and pines

for you try giving it a fleece dog toy as they will smell like you therefore your dog will not feel very lonely. 

Fleece dog toys are all plush toys made from the best polyester fleece and are usually machine washable. 

The Talking Fleece Dog Toys have a built in speaker that sounds like the animal. The cows moo, the monkeys squeak and the frog goes ‘ribbits,’ hours of fun for your lonely pet to keep his mind of you. 

As with all plush toys and aggressive chewers, you might suddenly up with a little pile of polyester where your beautiful monkey was a few moments ago. So keep a good watch on your dog to make sure he is not destroying the toy. 

Another range of fleece toys are the Funny Fleece Dog Toys these come in four different shapes, the Mailman, Vet Dog Catcher and the Ex. These all come with a squeaker and are quite a simple design but dogs still love them. 

Then there are the standard fleece dog bones, fleece tugs and fleece discs and balls. So if you are after any fleeces them there is a wide rang to choose from.

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