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                                                                                                                        Fat Dogs 

With the fattening of the Western world it seems like our fat dogs are following us.

A number of people in a effort to lose weight get a puppy so they can get some exercise while walking it. But it seems to be working the other way round with the dog putting on weight like itís master. In nature dogs are not prone to get fat as

they consume energy chasing their dinner, catching it then eating it. And in nature not every hunt is successful so pooches in the wild never get fat and if they do it is seasonal and they lose it again in winter. 

But not so in the home where food is plentiful and then there is always the trash bin and the neighborís trash to supplement on. Most dogs donít need to resort to that they just need to look sorrowful while you are eating and they somehow manage to get a little extra. Then they can leave the trash for the raccoons. 

Overweight dogs like us are not healthy and are prone to diseases and it is all our fault. We have to change, we have to go back to walking the dog over long distances and we have to stop dishing out the food. 

Also a major culprit is processed chews so if we can go back to dog bones and leftover meat scraps it might be healthier for Pooch. Some breeds are more likely to pack on the pounds than others. Labrador Retrievers, Beagles and Bassett Hounds seem to manage quite easily to pack on the pounds without too much effort. Anyway for more healthy food for your pooch check out these online stores, but just remember donít give them too much.

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