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                                                                                                                             Electronic Dog Collars

Electronic Dog Collars are a collar that emits a slight electrically impulse so your dog can feel a tingling sensation.

You can do a lot of damage when you start training your lovely little pet with an electric collar. So before you start read up about how to use it first. You can just as easily confuse the dog as train him. 

The electronic collar doesn’t take the place of training your dog it helps reinforce the training. First you must let your pet know what he has to do and that usually means you have to show him and keep repeating until he knows what is expected. 

Once he knows what to do then you can reinforce what he has to do with the collar. If you just slap the collar on then start zapping away you will confuse it completely and it will either start running away, freeze until the zapping stops or find you. And that is not the response the you want, so before you start zapping away make sure you are not going to confuse him. 

The collar is not used as a punishment tool it is used to reinforce the command. After your dog knows the command you test the electric zap on your dog. To do that you start at the lowest setting and work up until the dog can feel the stimulation and that is the setting you work with. 

Do not set the zap so high that you scare the dogs. The zap is only to remind him to do something. First you say the command that your dog already knows and if he doesn’t obey he gets a little zap. He must associate not doing the command with the zap. You do this until your dog or puppy follows all commands. Use the collar with treats and praise as a combination always works best.

For a wide range of collars either training, electronic or ordinary just check out these online stores. I have found them to be very useful.



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