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                                                                                                                                          Electronic Dog Collar

Do you think an Electronic Dog Collar is for you?

Electronic Dog Collars are very good at teaching your pooch what not to do. They are used for negative reinforcement, that is stopping your pet from undesirable behaviors. So if your 

dog does things you donít like then you can use one. If you are training to do agility or obedience they are not the best teaching tool available. In some cases it is better to use positive reinforcement like praise and treats. 

The principle is very simple, if your pooch does something wrong and you give him a zap he will get a warning sound first followed by a slight unpleasant jolt, nothing serious. If you have the jolt set too high and the dog gets scared he could bolt and that is what you donít want.

The electronic zap should just be enough to let your pooch know he has done something wrong. Not to send him charging off. The shock collar is not for you, if you are worried about hurting your dog even though the zap is only a static electric shock, it should not do any damage. But if your lovely pet blindly bolts then they could hurt themselves. 

Also the cost can be prohibitive, well over $100 a unit but you only need one. They should all come with a charger, some do have batteries but most are rechargeable. The main advantage is you are able to control your dog from a distance without losing your voice, that is a long as you pooch doesnít bolt.

These stores all have a range of electronic products and these stores have kept me supplied with all my doggie needs, so I recommend them.












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