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                                                                                                            Electric dog fence

If you are thinking of putting up a fence to keep your dog in why not try an Electric Dog Fence.

There are 2 basic types of electric dog fence, wireless and a wire you have to bury around the perimeter of your property. As with all things to do with your dog you have to train it to respect the fence. When you buy your electric containment

fence it usually comes with a set of flags that you place around the edge of the containment area. This is to visually let your pet know where he can and cannot go. 

It takes about a month to fully train your pet to stay within the area. 

It is a slow process but it will pay off. If your dog gets into the habit of going through the fence, it will be useless. Your dog wears a special transmitter collar that will send an impulse every time the animal goes near the fence. It is not an electric shock it is just a jarring sensation that lets the dog know he is getting too close. 

With the wire system you bury a wire about 1 to 2 inches below the soil so the lawnmower won’t catch it. This goes all the way around the area you want your dog to stay in. 

To start the training you also need the flags. The main advantage of these systems is there is no fence to build, but the unseen fence will keep your dog in but it won’t keep the neighbor’s dogs or strays out, just remember that. And in some States and Counties the law does not recognize an electric fence as a way of containing your pet, so if there are any problems you are classed as having no fence to stop your puppy.

Anyway if you want to try out an electric fence these are the pet shops I recommend they are good to me so they should be good to you

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