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                                                                                                                                durable dog toy

Most dog owners are always on the lookout for a durable dog toy

There are dog toys and there are durable dog toys. Most dog toys are built to last, but it all depends on the dog. Some dogs seem to be in a race to see who can

destroy the latest durable dog toy in the shortest possible time. So mankind invented The Kong and that managed somehow to stay together even when up against some very serious chewers. 

Many durable dog toys have tried to take out the top slot but most didn’t get anywhere near the top rung. 

The Hurley is up there somewhere with a money back guarantee and they usually pass the durability test. On the plush toy side we have the Tuffies Pet Toys. These are built tough with seven rows of stitching and three lavers of material with four squeakers in safety pockets. 

With all new toys whether latex, plush or rope always keep an eye on your dog to make sure he doesn’t destroy, then devour your latest durable dog toy. I have heard a number of horror stories about bits of toys getting stuck in a dog’s digestive system, so be careful and watch your dog. Latex toys are usually stronger than plush toys but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch the first time.

The Cuz is a good Latex Rubber Toy and a lot of dogs fall in love with their Cuz and take it everywhere, but not so the Kong. The Kong is a treat dispenser and once the treats are gone the Kong is left until it has been refilled.

For a complete selection of toys for your dog including the Kong and the Cuz see our dog toys page.










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