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                                                                                                         Dog whistle

Dog whistle or dog training whistle can be used in noisy environments and over long distances

Training dogs with a whistle has been around for while, and is used for working dogs on the farm as well as hunting dogs operating in long grass or shrub land. Some of the whistles are called silent whistles but they are not really silent.

They just send out higher pitched sounds that our ears are used to. Dogs as descended from hunting dogs had to rely on good hearing to survive and they can hear rodents creeping around underground. Our hearing ability has possibly got worst as noise pollution takes its toll, and our hearing range is quite narrow so we canít hear lots of things a dog can hear. 

Whistles are more reliable that voice

As our voice can get tired and the whistle doesnít except we have to blow it. Also the tone of our voice changes depending on our mood, when we are afraid our voice takes on a higher pitch than when we are angry. 

The sound of a whistle will travel a lot farther than our voice will travel so you can control your dog when he is well out of voice range. Probably the main advantage of a high pitched whistle is you wont disturb your neighbors yelling at your lovely pet to come home. 

Also training a dog with a whistle is very similar to clicker training. Instead of using a clicker and a pocket of treats you use the whistle, same principle different sound and still very effective. With a whistle and some treats you can have your dog running to you at the sound in a very short time. Anyway if you need a whistle and any other supplies these are the stores I get my doggie things from.

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