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                                                                                                                                            Dog walking tips

Dog walking tips always come in handy when walking your dog

Most people have a different idea about the best things to do when walking your dog. Most are common sense like plenty of water on hot days and time out to recover while resting in the shade. 


Dogs and puppies need to pant to release heat so let them relax in the shade. 

Some dogs because they want to please you will just keep going until they nearly drop. Also you are the alpha dog so you should tell them when they can rest. 

Another thing about the heat is, never leave your dog in a hot car in summer.

Inside the car is like an oven to the dog, and a little dog will die in about half an hour so keep that in mind. If your dog is overcome by heat just pour water all over the dog or put it in the bath or swimming pool but hold its head out of the water until it recovers. A lot donít, so never leave your dog in a car in the heat. 

Another thing to look out for when you are out walking your dog is other dogs, whether strays or with owners. 

Some owners have very little control over their dogs so donít expect any help from them. If it is legal in your area to carry pepper spray always carry a can when with your dog. Just spray the other dog up the nose and keep spraying, as you need a lot to stop a dog. Be careful you don't get bitten

If you are not allowed to carry pepper spray carry a heavy walking stick and smack the other dog as hard as you can between the ears. That will slow them down but it shouldnít do any damage. 

For walking your dog you need collars and leases and these stores are where I buy mine.

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