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                                                                                                                               Dog walking services

If you do not have time then let a dog walking service take your pet out

Pet walking and pet sitting services are relatively new on the business scene and therefore the regulations are not so tight. This means that there are a number of unscrupulous operators out there so pick your pet sitter or dog

walker with care. 

In some cases dogs have been lost when in the care of a dog walker and some walkers are not very pet friendly. They have been known to physically and verbally abuse the dogs in their care. As part of being a dog walker you have to pick up the dog poo and some walkers wonít do that. This is the responsibility of the walker. 

Also you have to consider the other dogs. Some might not be vaccinated and others might have communicable diseases. All dogs should have identification tags on them at all times. That is the responsibility of the other dog owners. The other major problem is the vehicle and that should be adequately ventilated and the dogs in cages. And that is the responsibility of the company. 

So when you are looking into dog walking services check out these things. 

How many dogs per walker, it should be a maximum of six. Do all dogs have a vaccination certificate and id tags. What is the dog transport like and all dogs must have a humane lease. Also the walker must carry a doggie poop container for picking up what is left behind. 

The Department Of Animal Care And Control should have a list of approved dog walking people and also vets or pet shops should be able to recommend somebody.

I personally donít use dog walker services as I do it myself but you will need a collar and lease.

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