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                                                                                                                                 Dog walking harness

When you take your dog for a walk it is a good idea to have your dog in a dog walking harness

Dogs love exercise and they love to walk and run so when you take your dog for a walk who is walking who. If you have a big dog it is quite easy to just get

pulled along, especially if you are on a skateboard and as long as your dog stays on the road. But that is not always the case and most times you just get pulled along for the ride. 

Having a collar on the dog helps but having a harness is even better. 

There are many different types of harness, some have the hook on the front so you can pull the dog along and others the hook is on the back. So the dog can pull you along. For a big dog with the hook on the front, if the dog pulls away it turns the dog around so he is facing you, so you have more control. 

When you start your dog on a harness it is best to let him wear it for a couple of days just to get used to it. Then when he has stopped trying to get it off just attach a lease to it and let him run around your backyard with the lease trailing. 

After he has got used to that it is time to go for a walk. Now the fun starts, so have a pocket full of treats and every time your dog walks politely beside you give him a treat. If your dog cannot adapt to the harness try a martingale collar that usually slows them down without doing too much damage.

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