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                                                                                                                                        Dog Urine

A problem with dogs and and Dog Urine is a lovely green lawn are brown spots.

Anyone who has a dog especially a female and a beautiful lawn will somehow end up with brown areas of dead grass. The main reason is the dog’s urine is slightly acidic and burns the grass. Some people in the morning will water down

the area the dog has just used to dilute the nitrogen content and hopefully stop the burning. 

If you are really into training you should train your dog to go in one corner of the garden. 

In this area have a little rock garden with gravel so nothing will die. You can start off by chaining your dog to the area and waiting till she goes then hand over a treat, say ‘Good Dog’ and let her off the leash. There are many ways to train but something along these lines should work but it will take a few weeks.

 If you are lucky and your dog likes to go in the one spot all the time once there is enough smell there your dog should go there all the time. Another method that seems to be popular is tomato juice, you know the V8 but not the spicy one, it seems to change the composition of the urine and no more brown spots. 

I have heard that baking soda good old Arm And Hammer, dissolved in the dog’s drinking water will stop the brown spots, and it is also healthy for your dog as baking soda is a good source of Vitamin C. 

In some cases stop adding fertilizer to your lawn as the added fertilizer plus the dog are too much for the grass and that is why it turns brown. Anyway to keep your dog happy you can buy all the supplies and toys you need from these my favorite online shops.

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