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                                                                                                                                                dog tug toy

A dog tug toy does two things and both are good for your dog

A dog tug toy can be used to play tug of war with your dog and they are also very good for keeping your dog’s teeth clean. If you want a dog tug toy that you can

swing your dog around with try out the Kong Dog Tug Toy. They are built tough and your dog can get a good grip on one end and you on the other. Then you can spin him around as often as you can or your two dogs can have a game of tug of war together. 

Dog tug toys can come in latex, plush and rope and some are a mixture of two or three materials. Some have squeakers and others have a tennis ball on the end of the rope or in the middle. While others are designed as a throw tug toy so your dog can play by himself. 

Some like the Orbee Tug Chew Toys can be used with two dogs trying to out pull each other. Some of the Fleecy type tug toys can give your dog’s teeth a good clean up while you are playing tug. 

As always when you bring a new toy home for your pooch keep a good eye out to make sure your latest unbreakable tug toy doesn’t end up as lunch. Some dogs are notorious for trying to destroy anything you give them, so until you are sure your dog is safe with the new toy just watch. With the long rope tug toys just tie one end and see if your dog will try and pull the toy off the wall. Some dogs love pulling and running with the tug toys.

Anyway I buy my dog toys from these stores, they have been good to me so they should be good to you.

For more information about dog tug toys have a lookat our dog toys page.










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