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                                                                                                                Dog Treats

Dog treats are loved by dogs so give them to your dog during training time and he should do what you say.

Training with treats is one of best ways to get your new puppy to learn to do everyday things, but the little dog must associate the action with the food. If you

want to train him to sit, hold the special biscuit above his head so his rump is on the floor, if his rump is still off the ground push it down onto the floor and say, “sit” then give something to eat as well as praise. This way he associates the treat and the praise with sitting down, hopefully. Every time you say 'sit' and he puts his rump on the ground praise him and give him a little tasty piece of meat. Then lay off the food and stick to praise. 

Use the same principle to get your pet to come to you. 

Say “come” and hold out a treat and he will come running. Don’t forget the praise and the “sit” after he next to you. Keep this up then lay off the cheese. Only give some goodies if your pet comes after you call. If you give him something every time he comes to you he will think he just needs to come to you to get food and that is not want you want. 

Praise and something special to eat only after your lovely little puppy does what you say or your lovely little puppy will be controlling you and not the other way round. You can use treats for lots of different training situations but after your dog knows what to do, stick to more praise and less edibles

You can buy treats anywhere and just remember some treats are more healthier than others.

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