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                                                                                                                                             Dog training

Dog Training in both obedience and agility is both frustrating and necessary.  

Training dogs of all ages in obedience and agility can be time consuming and sometimes you just wonder if it is all working. Your lovely pet jumps up on

anybody and everybody and chases cars and bikes down the street, and barks all the time. There are piles of poop on your carpets and wet stains here and there, especially with puppies. So if your own a dog, training is going to be a part of your life. Training is an on going thing because your dog loves to learn and he loves to please you. So praise and treats go a long way to helping your dog do the right thing all the time.

Puppy potty training is especially important just to keep your house clean.

Whenever you get a new puppy you have to go through the house training steps to make sure your latest addition to the family doesn't out live it's welcome. There are many different ways to train your puppy. You should always use treats and praise and just remember you are the alpha dog in your home.  Some puppies just don't respond to some training methods so what do you do. That is when you have to start asking around about how to train your dog and you can usually find someone who uses a different method. If you go on the internet there are many resources about training your puppy.

Obedience Training for older dogs helps with aggression, whining and barking amongst other things.

If your pet has any problems that can cause neighbor discontent then you need to bring in obedience training.  Dogs are like humans so usually one size doesn't fit all but some methods are definitely better than others. Here at this site you will find a number of different training manuals that are very effective at turning your dog into a lovable addition to your home. When I was training my dog I looked at these obedience courses and used different training collars

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