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                                                                                                                                  Dog training walking

All dogs need to be dog trained walking even for a quiet walk in the park.

There are as many ways to train a dog as there are dog trainers, but the process is basically the same. First the dog has to do what you want it to do, and when

it does you praise it and give it a treat. The last part is to correct the dog when it resorts back to its old behavior. 

That is ‘Training 101’ but the ‘How’ is where everyone has a different training method

Dogs like to get a response from you when they do something. So if they do something wrong and you yell at them, that is a response and by doing this you are reinforcing the behavior you do not want. 

Now back to walking your dog or puppy

If the dog pulls on the lead you must stop so the dog can’t go anywhere. DON’T yell at the dog, say nothing, this way there is no response so the dog is not sure whether pulling on the lead is good behavior. Only after the dog stops pulling do you go forward, until the dog pulls again. You can say ‘Walk’ after the dog has stopped pulling and is waiting for you to do something, then move forward. You must be consistent and every time your dog pulls you stop dead and wait for the slack. 

When training to walk always use a short lease and never use a retractable lease as the dog gets the impression that if he pulls he can go forward. You want to stop that behavior. You can use whatever collar you like, not a buckle collar as your dog can slip out of those. 

I like the prong collar because they are very effective. Whatever collar you use is secondary to following the method, which is don’t reward the dog for the wrong behavior. For your collars and leases checkout these shops.

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