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                                                                                                     Dog Training Supplies

There are many different ways and many different Dog Training Supplies to use when you train your dog.

What dog training supplies do you need to effectively train your dog? Well it depends on the way you train but every dogs loves treats so having a pocket full

of little treats is a good way to start. When your little pet does what he is told give him a treat and donít forget to always praise him. Dogs love praise and praising is one of the best ways to reinforce what your dog has just learned. 

There are many different ways to train a dog and lease training has been around a long time and works, but remember treats and lease go well together. You can use training collars if you like but you have to take a few lessons yourself in the best way to train using a collar. If you do it wrong you can cause a lot of confusion in your dog and you donít want that. 

A rather popular method at the moment is clicker training, but you must be quick with the click and the treat so your pet knows why the click and the treat. If your dog does something correct you click and treat but your dog must see the connection between what he did, the click and the treat. If you are too slow with the click your pet might not match the click with what he just did. 

With this method you do not say anything, first you wait for the dog to do the desired action then you click, treat and praise if you like. Clicking is an animal behaviorist way of training and some swear by it. 

For more information about supplies and some training manuals. Have a look at

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