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What Dog Training Equipment do you need to train your lovely little pooch?

Some of the humane trainers just stick to a pocket of treats and lots of praise, and that is possibly the most effective, positive reinforcement training. But that doesnít work with all dogs. Most dogs need a collar but some puppies can

do without. 

Now there are many collars out there so which one is the most suitable for your dog. I think the idea is to start with a normal buckle collar and if that canít control your dog, try another type. 

The choker collar has been extremely effective in the past but it can damage the dog. If your animal is large and unruly and difficult to control a choker collar will give you more control, but you might have to put up with some verbal abuse from the dog loving set. 

Another collar that is very effective but can come with a fair amount of abuse is the prong collar. Now this collar looks like a medieval torture tool but it should not do any damage to your dog. Then they are not suited to all dogs so use with caution. Trainers who use these collars swear by them and they are very good, it is just some peoples reaction to them. The training collar that everyone seems to love is the Martingale collar, they are a limited choke collar and the dog cannot pull out of it. 

Now the leash is another important piece you need. You can have short or the retractable lease, just get something that is comfortable for you and your dog. Forget the chain link ones as they can be mean on your hands, nylon ones are okay. 

For all your training needs have a look at these stores they have kept me in supplies for a while now and they are pretty good.

Dog Collars


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