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                                                                                                                                    Dog training collars

Dog Training Collars have been around for years and it is just lately that they are branching out into electronic collars.

Training a dog using goes back many years. The choker chain is possible the most common and is still used today. It is very simple if the dog does something wrong you just pull on the collar and the dog gets choked so he

stops. Can be used for lease training an unruly dog. 

Not very humane but very effective 

Most training collar are variations on this theme and the modern collars should not do any damage to the dog. The choker chain could damage the windpipe of the dog if pulled hard enough and since it was just looped over the dogís head there was nothing to stop it choking the dog. This type of collar is very effective as the harder the dog pulled the more it choked itself so it soon learned to stop pulling. The variations on this collar are the Snap-Around Choke Collar and the Limited Choke Collar, which should not do any damage to the dogís windpipe. 

The more modern collars like the electronic collars are very effective at training dogs as long as you know how to use them. If you donít you can seriously confuse your dog and that is something you donít want to happen. 

There are mixed views on the no bark collars where the dog gets sprayed from a collar on itís neck when it barks. I donít know if they are effective or not or just a short cut but there are better ways to stop dogs from barking.

Anyway if you need any collars just have a look at these online shops, they have been supplying me and I have no problems with them.

Dog Collars


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