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                                                                                                                                                  Dog toy unique

For a special occasion find a unique dog toy for your pampered pet

Unique Dog Toys come in all shapes and sizes whether latex, rubber or plush for every occasion or just to spice up your dog’s life. If your dog is into a bit of fun try one of the Pull-A-Parts Dog Toys, they come in the Pull-A-Parts Vet Dog Toy and the Pull-A-Parts Convict Dog Toy as well as a host of others. 

I wonder if they have a Pull-A-Parts Mailman Toy 

These are soft plush toys and are easily put back together, but just keep as eye on your dog when he is playing with one of these as the pulled off parts are small enough to be swallowed. 

For an older dog or a young puppy you could try the Funky Fur Ball which is a big soft ball that won't bounce therefore shouldn’t  break anything, so it its good for indoor use. For outdoor use there are the Jolly Pets rang of soft balls with handles as well as the Teaser Ball which is a little ball inside a bigger ball. 

Also for an odd looking futuristic ball try the Boingo Ball. This ball will keep your dog bouncing away for hours. Why not try a Paw Pop which is a grab and tug toy, a short piece of rope attached to rubber disc so your dog can bite it or throw it. The Paw Pop is vanilla scented and made from natural rubber and natural cotton so it is a good natural product. 

For a more natural unique dog toy checkout the Certified Organic Dog Toy range of bones and toys, they should be made from pesticide free materials so they should be safer for your dog to chew on. If I want a unique toy I go to these online stores, they have a wide selection of toys.

For more information about unique dog toys and other dog toys see our dog toys page










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