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                                                                                                                                       Dog toy clothes

Dog Toy Clothes are a must for a small teacup dog so she will look her best.

Clothes for animals started out with the old horse blanket and have now evolved into a complete fashion line for your dog. Where the old horse blanket kept

‘Trigger’ warm, now designer wool lined jackets with a hood to keep ‘Pooch’ warm throughout the winter months. 

Even in the spring when it starts to rain you can find a beautifully designed raincoat and matching hat the will fit on even the smallest teacup dog. But it is probably better to let the pugnacious lapdog sleep the shower off while on the sofa. 

In the winter when little doggie clothes are so important you can even buy a scarf for your dog as well as a matching sweater. Some sweaters are pull over types with sleeves for the front legs and straps under the belly. Some designs have 2 straps while most have the customary one strap that stick together with Velcro instead of the buckle type of latch. 

If your little pooch is a bit active and likes rolling round in his new sweater try one with loops for the back legs. This will keep the T-shirt or dress from riding up. Some dogs don’t like the back leg loops so if your dog has a problem just cut the loops off or tie them back over the back of your dog. 

In the hot summer when going for a walk with your beloved pet don’t forget the little doggie shoes as these stop your pet’s feet from getting burnt. Just keep as eye on that.

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