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                                                                                                                                                               Dog toy box

You need a Dog Toy Box if you have too many toys for your lovely pooch.

Dog toy boxes come in lots of different shapes and sizes. And some can double as a storage place for dry food as long as your dog canít get the lid off, so he can help himself. Some are just a wire mesh box without a lid that you can throw the

toys into. While others are made from elaborately colored material that can be washed and if you donít need the box it can be folded up and put away. These are ideal to take on holiday as they can be stashed easily. 

One of the most popular dog toy boxes is shaped like a bonewith a removable top. 

Like most of the toy boxes it comes in three different sizes sand is ideal for storing dry food. Dog toy boxes are very handy as over time you somehow manage to accumulate many different toys and a some your dog just doesnít want to destroy. 

Most boxes can be stored out of site like under a bed. There are even some superbly designed toy boxes that fit in a corner and look like part of the future. Some have a top that can stay open allowing easy access so your dog can pick out what toy he wants or you can latch the top shut with a hook and loop fastener to keep him out. Some also come with a large handle so they are easier to carry around. 

The most unusually one is a storage box shaped like a fire hydrant and it is good for storing dry food.

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