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With all the different dog toys and treats available how do you choose?

There is simply an overwhelming number of dog toys and treats available so to find the perfect dog toy or dog treat for your lovely little or big pooch what do you do. Well first I look at the pooch and I get something that will suit the dog. You know

your dog so you know if your pooch is an aggressive chewer or just a light gnawer and find a toy or treat that will fit your dog. 

There is a universal dog toy and treat that seems to be liked by all dogs and it comes in many different shapes and sizes, and that is the Kong. You can stuff it full of treats, freeze it full of treats and you can even wash it in the dishwasher. And it is quite possibly one of the safest dog toys on the market. 

At present I have not heard any horror stories about the Kong, so it must be pretty good. But that is only one. What about all the other toys and treats. If your dog is a nice lovely little dog that wouldn’t hurt a fly, you can lavishly surround it with plush toys and not worry too much. 

If on the other hand your dog likes to sink its teeth into things start it on a rope toy and see if it can rip its way through one of those. Most rope toys are pretty tough and they will take a lot of gnawing. Latex or rubber toys range from the very soft to the very hard so they will suit all dogs. And latex toys come in all shapes and sizes. Another part of the dog toy world is the squeaker. Some dogs love them while others hate them. What does your dog like?

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