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                                                                                                                                                dog talking toy

To spice up your dogs life give him a dog talking toy.

There are so many toys out there in the pet shops and on the internet so it is difficult to choose which is the best one for your beloved pet. For a special treat why not give your lovely pooch a dog talking toy. These come in many different animal shapes as well as in many different shapes like the barking bone. 

There are talking plush dog toys and talking latex dog toys but most latex toys are either squeakers or grunters. Some of the plush toys are really neat like the Multipet Look Who’s Talking animals and the Talking Fleece Dog Toys. These lovely looking plush animals will remind your pet of the real thing and the sounds they make will keep your dog wondering if they are real or not. 

The main problem with plush toys is they are made from cloth material and therefore not very strong. So keep a good eye on your pet to make sure they do not demolish your latest toy and end up eating little bits they shouldn’t. 

Some plush toys are made stronger with double or triple stitching and nylon cloth, but no toy is really dog proof and these modern materials are not the best when eaten. Good old-fashioned cotton is safer, but you can pay more for organic materials. If your pet is an aggressive chewer it might be better to stick with the heavy-duty latex or rubber nylon dog toys. These are designed to last a bit longer but just remember no dog toy is entirely dog proof.

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