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                                                                                                                                           Dog stuffed toy

If your pet is lonely buy a Dog Stuffed Toy to keep him company.

There are many beautiful dog stuffed plush toys as well as latex toys out there in the toy shop and pet shops. If you donít like sleeping with your dog try sleeping with your dog fleece toy that looks exactly like the real thing. 

Some of the stuffed dog toys are so realistic. 

My daughterís favorite toy is a stuffed toy Husky and it look so real. She wanted a Husky as a pet but as we leave near the tropics I thought it might be a bit too hot for it. My sister lives in Alaska and she has got Huskies, and that is why my daughter wanted one. The toy is real soft and made from some non allergic material and my daughter sleeps on the toy. 

Dogs are good in the house but I donít let them sleep on the beds, they can have the sofa or in a dog bed

If you want your pet dog to have a pet you can choose from any animal you like. There are rabbits, hedgehogs, bears, cats as well as dinosaurs and any other animal you can think of. 

If your dog has been spayed and you think it would like some puppies you are bound to find the same breed as your pet. You might have problems trying to get hold of a mixed up breed but then puppies are puppies whether they are real or not. 

One thing about dog stuffed toys, if your dog is a good chewer the beautiful soft toy with be in shreds in a very short time. So keep a good eye on your dog when you first introduce her to a new dog stuffed toy.

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