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                                                                                                                                    Dog squeaky toy

To keep your pet dog amused for hours get him a Dog Squeaky Toy

Dogs love to chew and they love sound so a dog squeaky toy is ideal for them but make sure the squeak is not too loud or they could drive you up the wall. If the

squeaker is a high pitched dog whistle type of squeak you are lucky. Because the pitch is so high we can hardly hear it, but your dog can so everybody is happy. 

A lot of toys nowadays come in both squeak and non-squeak varieties so if you are not into squeaks like I am, then there are still a lot of toys to choose from. Squeakers are in nearly everything for a dog and the bigger the toy the more squeakers there are. 

Some have the squeaker in a pocket so you can take it out and if it has run out of squeak you can replace it. Also a number of toys will have a few spare squeakers in the packet as they can get squeaked to death quite easily. 

The main problem with most dog toys whether squeaker or not, is the dogís teeth are stronger than most toys so keep an eye on your dog while he is playing or you could wonder where the toy went. 

It is best to rotate the toys so one toy doesnít get completely destroyed. 

This way most toys last a bit longer. If your dog is into latex or plush donít worry there are many toys that squeak when bitten, in all materials and all shapes and sizes. The plush animal toys are exceptionally beautiful and realistically looking, while most latex or rubber toys are in all shapes and colors. 

The only problem is which one do you choose and do you wonder as I do, how long will it last.

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