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                                                                                                               Dog Sounds 

Dogs are not silent creatures, but what do the Dog Sounds really stand for

Not many of us have heard wolves in the wild but the long howling sound is the stuff legends are made of. But in reality the wolf is just telling every other wolf within hearing distance that

he is lonely. He is not in hunting mode or scaring mode he is just lonely. 

We have built all the fear surrounding the sound. 

What other sounds do dogs make? We all know if we put a puppy in a crate and they start a high pitched bark that could possibly mean let me out. And if you do the puppy will stop barking, but then the puppy is training you and you will never get him back in the crate without a racket. That bark could also mean “I want to be part of the pack, I don’t want to be here by myself.” 

After you and your dog have been together for a while you start to know what your dog is doing. If your dog suddenly gets up and gives little yap and heads for the door, you know somebody is outside at the door. Usually somebody the dog knows, but if the dog looks intently out the window and then goes to another window it could mean somebody is walking around outside. 

If the ears go up and the tail wags it is usually a cat but if it something the dog doesn’t know he is in a more alert posture. Dogs are very territorial and they become very alert when something new happens. You will know the different sounds your dog makes like when you open the fridge, and you accommodate them. 

Anyway to keep your dog happy you need toys and supplies and this is where I buy mine.

Dog Barking









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