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                                                                                                                                                 Dog small toy

If you have a toy dog you need a dog small toy to keep them happy.

Toy dogs or small dogs just love toys and being made up like a big baby. There is an endless array of beautifully colored vests clothes, jackets and what ever to fit

the pet of your life. Some use buttons and clips and others use Velcro. For small dogs the lease clip is on the back so they can stroll along easily beside you. 

After a long walk and your lovely little watchdog canít quite go the distance you can always drop him into a front pack carrier or a puppy stroller Your pet doesnít even need to get his paws dirty with the latest selection of little paw covers that come in all materials and colors. 

Also to take your little pooch out you can choose any number of colorful carry bags and baskets for any size small doggie. If you are into showing your dog off to the world or so he can see where he is going try out a messenger mail bag that you carry over one shoulder. 

It is no wonder these small toy dogs are now the pampered pets of the household, and why not with so many different toys and accessories to choose from. There are any number of small latex or rubber toys just made for the small dog in your life. If you are into noise and you like to know what your darling pampered pet is up buy a small dog toy with a squeaker inside then you will always know where your little teacup dog is. If you arenít into latex then try out the wide range of plush and fleece toys. You can find a beautiful little animal toy just made for you pet so he will never be lonely again.

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