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                                                                                                                      Sled Dogs

Possibly the most famous Sled Dog off all time is “Balto” the dog behind the Iditarod Sled Dog Race.

“Balto” became a legend back in 1925 when the city of Nome, Alaska was on the verge of a diphtheria outbreak and the only way to get the anti serum to Nome from Anchorage was by dog sled. It was an amazing feat 1,150 miles in bleak 40

below weather with a gusty wind so strong it could blow the sled and dogs over. It took 6 days to get the medicine into Nome and the sled dogs saved the city. A statue of “Balto” was erected in  New York City’s Central Park a year after his historic race  and in 1995 “Balto” was resurrected by Disney in a cartoon movie.

Dog Sled teams made Alaska but now they have nearly all been replaced by the snow mobile. Even full time fur trappers, the custodians of the Alaskan and Canadian wilderness have up graded to the snow mobile. 

Now Dog Teams are just symbolic and used for racing in the Iditarod.

The Last Great Race as it is often referred to is not without it’s critics. A number of Humane societies have tried unsuccessfully to have it stopped as about 130 dogs have been known to have died on the race. But it looks like Global Warming could bring an end to the race. If there is no snow you can’t have a dog sled race.

I’ve never been to Alaska for the Iditarod, but my sister is a great fan and she will be there at the beginning of March to see the start of the race.

Anyway if you and your dogs just watch it on TV or on the Internet and you need some treats or dog supplies just check out my recommended stores.

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