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                                                                                                                                 dog rope toy

To keep your dog active and to clean his teeth get him a Dog Rope Toy

Dog rope toys are really neat things as your dog can play away by himself for hours on end. Trying to unravel the rope as well as trying to throw it. You can always join in by throwing the piece of rope for your dog to fetch. Puppies just love to gnaw away on a piece of rope. Most rope toys

are reasonably safe and quite durable

If they are made from nylon they can last forever but nylon is not the best if it is eaten. There are natural cotton ropes out there but you pay a premium and they donít last as long. There are even some dog plush rope toys that look like those straw dolls, but I just don't know how long they will last.

Some of the better dog rope toys are the rope bones. 

Your dog can gnaw on a rope bone and clean his teeth at the same time. Another popular rope toy is the rope ball. These are like a coiled ball of wool and sometimes they can come unrolled and then there is a long line of rope being dragged around your yard. 

When buying a rope teether, that is a rope bone with a latex rubber ball or ring in the middle, always buy a bigger one than your dog can bite into. If the teether is too small it might suddenly vanish and the last thing you want is a nylon rope teether passing through your dog. 

Another good rope toy is the tug toy. With one of these you can have a really good pull game with your dog. They are built strong so you have no worries about lifting your dog off the ground and spinning him around.

For a complete selection of dog toys including rope, latex and plush toys see our dog toys page   









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