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                                                                                                                                                    Dog rawhide

If your dog wants something to chew on throw him a Dog Rawhide bone

To feed rawhide bones or not to feed rawhide bones is a question that keeps popping up every now and then. Some people swear by them and others have had to drag their beloved pooch off to the vet with a blocked up intestine. 

With the amount of rawhide bones available nearly everywhere you can buy dog food I would say that the chance of something going wrong with pooch after eating the imitation bones must be rather slim. Some of the rawhide pig products like pigs ears have been know to make you sick, they can harbor some e-coli bacteria. But then again the chances are pretty slim that you will pick up something. I think the dog owners who have had problems just had bad luck or very greedy dogs that just gulped down as much as they could get in their mouths. 

There are brands of chopped up rawhide that has been pressed into a bone shape so they will break up into smaller pieces. Then your puppy won't choke on any large bits, but they donít last as long as the rawhide chews.  

Rawhide is tough, built to last and a dog chewing away on a lump on cow skin can chew away for a long time. That is better than chewing on your furniture or shoes. Some owners have complained about the different quality and the chemicals used. But anything raised in a beef feedlot here in the States has been loaded up with growth hormones and antibiotics. So there is bound to be something in the skin other than untreated leather. 

I think they are pretty good and my dog loves them and so far has had no problem. I buy my chews from these stores and they have a good selection.

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