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                                                                                                                                                    Dog rawhide chews

Dogs love to chew and if we donít give them something to chew like Dog Rawhide Chews they will find the slippers or furniture or whatever

Rawhide dog chews are about as old as the old west but there is some concern about how safe they are. Rawhide is just good old tough cow skin, a basic waste product of the meat industry that they make leather out of. 

Some people are saying these rawhide chews are not safe for your pet, they can cause blockages in the stomach. And the imported rawhide from Asia is covered in chemicals, but I personally donít know anybody that has had problems. And very little is said about this on blogs, so I think it is more of a marketing thing. 

Advertising Pure USA Rawhide Chews as if they are magically better because they are produced here. I am against factory farming of any sort. I would say nearly all rawhide chews are from factory farms, where the animals are loaded with antibiotics and growth hormones, so it doesnít really matter if they come from here or overseas. 

Also they go on about the chemicals used to treat the rawhide, but I think that is only to do with making leather, not for the chews you buy for your puppy

The best natural rawhide chew if you can get them and you pay a premium, are the bison or buffalo rawhide chews or from pasture fed cows. I use ordinary chews because the dog needs them and it saves the furniture and they keep their teeth all clean. 

If you are worried about the health aspect just use a Kong that will give your dog something to sink itsí teeth into. I buy my chews whether rawhide or otherwise from these online shops.

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