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How much is that Puppy in the window.

Puppies are beautiful little bundles of fur but there are too many in this pet overpopulated world so large numbers of unwanted pets are just put down every year. I think a major cause are puppies in pet shops so I encourage people who want a new little pet to get one from the animal shelter. 


If pet shops stopped selling puppies then there would be no demand so the back yard breeders and puppy mills would have no market. A nice thought but it is not going to happen soon. 

Anyway puppies are lovely and I love them but they do grow up to be bigger bundles of dog and if they havenít been trained right, they could end up a problem. If you get a puppy you are looking at having it for the next 10 years or so, so make sure you can. Also as mentioned you need to train it and training takes time and effort and is a continuing thing as your dog always wants to learn. 

You will be looking at food bills and vet bills and vaccinations and worms. There is a lot more than just having a lovely little bundle of fur in your hands. A puppy is a new addition to your family and it will turn out as you train it. So train it well and you will have a companion for life who will look after you and protect you and keep you from being lonely. But train it wrong and you could have a little terror of a dog in your neighborhood.

Anyway after you have brought your new puppy from the animal shelter you will need supplies and food and what better place than where I buy mine

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