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                                                                                                                  dog pull toy

There are two types of dog pull toy, one for dogs and the other for kids

The dog pull toy for kids is the standard wooden dog on wheels that your little toddles pulls around. Sometimes they make barking noises and they are usually

painted to look like real dogs. 

A real good toy to get your little child used to walking the dog. And if you want your dog to take the dog for a walk just tie the wooden dog to your dogs collar and let him go. 

Seriously they are really good toys to help your children get used to a dog. 

The second type of dog pull toy is the toy for your dog, and these are usually a piece of hard latex attached to a rope.  Your dog can grip the latex loop in its mouth and you can pull as hard as you like. Some dogs like the pull toy with a ball attached to a rope so they can try to throw it. 

For your bull dog you can use a large heavy-duty rubber ring, your dog grips one side and you grip the other. The Kong Tug Dog Toy is ideal to test how strong your dog is. You and your dog can get a good grip on this one and then you are in for a pulling competition. 

Another very good dog pull toy is the Bamboo Combat Extreme Toss n Pull Dog. This has a tennis ball on one end so you have something comfortable to hang onto while you are dragging your dog around.

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