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                                                                                                                          Dog Names

Dog Names are sometimes as difficult to get right as picking a baby’s name

After you have brought you lovely little bundle of fur that slobbers over everything and piddles on the floor it is time to find a name. Some people struggle with names and others just take whatever comes. Sometimes I think the best names are short and easy to say. 

Usually if you give your lovely pet a long name you somehow manage to shorten it. It’s easier to say a short name so why not start off with a short one. That way it saves you changing it later. Most dogs love what you call them and it doesn’t take long for them to know their name. So if you change it they do get a bit confused.

Anyway if you are stuck for a name, what do you do? Do the Internet thing and get on a forum and just ask. As they say “Ask and you shall receive.” I prefer to stick to the tried and trusted doggie names as opposed to trying to come up with something unusual. Dogs don’t really care what you call them as long as they know you are talking to them when they hear their name. 

Also when you call your pet always use the same name. Don’t say “Come here Boy!” then say, “Come here Dog!” and then say, “Come here Butch!” This way the poor dog doesn’t know what his name is. Just stick to the one name all the time.

After you have named your beautiful little puppy it’s time to get acquainted with the helpful pet store so you can stock up on all your pet’s needs. I use the online shops now as they are very convenient and everything just comes in the mail. These are my favorite stores.                     

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