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                                                                                                                                                dog large toy

For the big dog in your life you need the ultimate dog large toy

Big dogs are big chewers and a lot of toys just wont stand up when they are being chewed by a big dog. They come apart at the seams or just burst but the worst

part is your lovely big dog could eat some of the bits and this is where problems arise. 

Usually dogs can get away with eating all sorts of strange things but the bits that come off the indestructible dog toys can get lodged in your dog’s stomach. Because of the indestructible material the piece will not break down and that is the problem. 

Keep an eye on your dog when you first give him an indestructible product. 

I like the Kong as this has been around since 1976 and is still pretty popular. There are many other large toys for big dogs and some of the nylon latex toys are built tough so they are pretty safe. When we get into the plush toys most big dogs just rip through them, but the Tuffies toys seems to stand up pretty well to the usual dog. 

If you are into bones I like the big rawhide bones. They hang together quite well but keep an eye on your dog because the rawhide is tough and if it breaks off in big lumps it can cause problems. You know your dog and if he is an aggressive chewer be careful what you give him, or just watch to see how he will take to a new toy. 

I try to buy really big toys so my dog cannot get it in his mouth and that way there are less problems.       

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