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Dog Kennels or dog houses haven't changed much over the years, but we have and now our lovely dogs mainly live inside.

But if you need a place for your dog to live outside then there is a wide range available. There is still the classic cedar or wooden dog homes, but now there are also the modern

plastic or steel dog houses. A number of dog owners leave their dogs outside in a wire enclosed dog pen with a box to keep the dog out of the weather. 

Also there is a wide range of crates available when you need to move your dog, especially when taking it to the vet. Dog crates are only for temporary measures. Leaving your puppy in the crate is sometimes necessary for safety. If they have not been crate trained they can start to make a racket so you have to let them out. The plastic carry crate are okay for small dogs but for a bigger animal you will need the steel wire crates.

Dogs that are part of the family usually don't need a kennel except if they kept outside.

In a lot of families Pooch is part of the family and lives inside and when traveling in the car just sits on the back seat. One of my friend's dog used to sit on the front seat with the seat belt on. She loved just watching the road in front of the car and she never made a sound. 

Some people need a kennel and an enclosure to leave the dog in when they go to work. I still don't know if just chaining the dog to the kennel is better than having an enclosure. Except when in an enclosure there are less problems with strays and the neighbor's dogs.

For more information about dog kennels, crates and enclosures use these online stores here. They know their stuff and one of them will have what you need.

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