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If you are looking for Dog Information then try the Internet or the library or just ask.

All the information you will ever need is right at your fingertips on the world wide web. All you need to do is put in the search engine what you are looking for and up pops pages and pages of information. The more exact your search term the more exact your results. 

If you need to know something specific just ask on a blog and somebody should get back to you. When I was trying to stop my puppy from nipping everybody on the hand, he wasn’t doing any serious damage but it was something that had to be stopped. So I just asked the Internet and there was a ton of information and it was very specific. I just asked “ How do I stop my dog from nipping?” and I had many things to try out. All the answers were very reasonable and believable. There was noting too far-fetched. I even found an article about how to stop biting with an electric collar but I didn’t need to go that far.  

Everything you need is right there. There are a number of sites I like but everything keeps changing, every time I do a search I come up with more good sites and I bookmark them too. 

If you are not into the Internet just check out your local library, there is always a ton of information there. I think the best way is just ask other dog owners while you are out walking your beautiful pooch. Most dog owners love to talk and they will always suggest something that they have tried. 

Anyway after searching on the Internet for supplies I came up with these stores and they keep me supplied with everything my dog needs.

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