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Dog Houses are needed for all dogs who live outside to keep them safe from the elements.

Dog Houses or Dog Kennels have been around as long as man has kept dogs. Most of the older style were made of wood, but now steel and plastic ones are available. When getting a home for your pet, you need to take into consideration the full-grown size of your dog. If you buy one when your puppy is growing get a bigger one so your puppy can grow into it.


Your dogís home should be comfortable in all weather, not to hot in summer or too cold in winter. The house should be big enough so the dog can turn around easily and it should be taller than your dog so he can stand up without hitting his head on the roof. If the kennel is too big it will lose the cozy feeling and be cold in winter.

The roof or side should be removable so you can get in to clean it out. It is better if the door or entrance is slightly smaller then your dog so she has to crawl in. This way more weather is kept out. Also if possible try and have the whole kennel raised off the ground. This keeps the damp and cold from coming up from the ground and it is also cooler in summer.

If you have the water bowls and food bowls inside make sure they are secured so they donít mess up the sleeping area.

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