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                                                                                                             Dog House Plans

If you want to build your own dog house you need some Dog House Plans.

Why not, a good project for the school holidays, and it is not too difficult. Just a few requirements, the kennel should be off the ground. This lets the air circulate

round drying out pooch’s home after rain. Also what lumber do you use? Some dogs will chew on the timber so if it has been treated with chemicals that is not too healthy. But untreated timber rots very easily, as soon as it gets wet its gone. So think about what lumber you are going to use, ask at the hardware store they should know. 

There are size requirements specified by the American Kennel Association, that you should abide by. They are something like the top should be half again higher than the dog and the dog must be able to turn around easily inside and be able to lie on one side stretched out. 

If the home is too big it could be to cold inside and your dog could use one side as a toilet and the other side to sleep on. Usually dogs will not go toilet in their sleeping area. Their instinct is to go outside but if the sleeping area is large they will half it. One side sleeping and the other side toilet and that is what you don’t want. 

Also you should be able to move one side so you can get in to clean it. The entrance can be quite small, as long as the dog can crawl in that is big enough. 

Anyway here are some good plans you can get off the Internet. If you take the plan to your lumber store they should be able to cut up what you need, and you just have to take it home and bang it together.

And just remember after you have built your dog home and your lovely pooch needs some supplies these are the stores that keep my dog supplied.

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