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Is Dog Grooming something you do yourself or do you get the Groomer to do it?

Well that is up to you. Grooming is a part of owning a pet and it is also a bonding thing. In the wild with the pack, dogs are continually licking and nipping each other, so to reinforce the bonding you should do something similar. 


Also while you are combing or brushing you can have a look at the skin to see if it is okay and you can check for fleas, ticks and ear mites. So doing your own grooming gives you an idea of how healthy your pet is. It is best to start as a puppy so the dog gets used to the combs and brushes, and with training will stand lie, or sit on command when you are scratching the coat.

If you are really not into combing your pet’s coat get a short-haired animal, they are easier to look after, and you just need to brush them down with a wet rag. For a long hair, things are different. They need brushing and combing to keep the knots out. 

A bath every now and then, wouldn’t go amiss. Too much bathing is not good for a dog, their skin will dry out and dry skin can cause the dog to scratch, which could cause problems with infections. Really dogs should be combed regularly, about once a week just to keep the coat smooth and knot free and your dog will look beautiful once again.

I like brushing my dog’s coat to get all the dirt and bits out and to keep an eye on the fleas and ticks. For all my grooming needs I buy my supplies from these online stores. Very convenient.

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