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                                                                                                        dog food bowls

When buying new dog food bowls for your lovely pet, buy something that is basically indestructible

Dogs love to chew and what better place to chew than where the food comes from, so either have a endless supply of dog food bowls or buy a good one from the start. You will need two dog food bowls to start with, and the most important one is for water.

Usually dogs know that they need water so they are less likely to destroy this bowl as long as there is water in it. After the dog drinks the water bowl dry they might attack it to try and get more water so keep it topped up. 

The food bowl is another story and in the quest to get more dog food they will possibly rip it to shreds. If you feed your dog the indestructible Kong with treats inside it so your dog has to chew away to get at the treats. Then you can kiss your plastic dog food bowl goodbye and stick to a stainless steel bowl or a piece of newspaper on the floor. 

You need to look at how easy the dog food bowl is to clean as some ceramic bowls are porous therefore they need to be cleaned more often. Stainless steel bowls are the easiest to clean, as your dog will probably lick it clean. You will still need to wash it to clean the bacteria off. Plastic bowls are also easy to clean and they come in many different shapes and sizes. The best have a wide base so your dog has trouble tipping it over. Some bowls are raised or elevated so your dog doesnít have to bend down so far to eat. Other that looking slightly prettier I donít know if there is any benefit to your dog. 

Anyway for all your dog food bowls check out our Dog Supplies Page and see what our suppliers have available.





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