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                                                                                                              dog food amount

A common question is: What is the correct dog food amount for you dog?

The dog food amount for your dog is not always what is written on the packet of dog food whether dry, semi dry or canned. The correct dog food amount can depend on a number of factors including how much exercise your dog gets and

how heavy it is, as well as male or female. Generally speaking about 1 cup or 4 oz for about 10 lbs of body weight. If you follow labels that is a general recommendation. 

You know your dog so you know how much or how little she eats so use your gut feeling. 

If her ribs are showing it might be too little, and if you are having trouble picking her up try more exercise or less food. Also the correct dog food amount can depend on how many treats and whether your kids feed their lovable pet under the table and whether you feed the table scraps to your dog. So your best indication of how much to feed the watchdog is by looking at your pet. 

Some vets recommend feeding your dog 2% to 3% of your dog’s body weight and you should be feeding about 50% meat with the rest vegetables. It is up to you, if you feed raw meat and bones have some green vegetables available to help balance the diet. I tend away from potatoes as they are carbohydrate and turn to sugar after eating and sugars are not good for you or your dog. 

For all your dog food needs check out our Dog Food Page and see what the online stores I recommend have to offer.








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