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                                                                                                                                                                 Dog fights

Dog Fights are very serious and if you intervene you will probably be badly bitten

If you are walking your dog and you are attacked by a stray dog, you could be in a potentially dangerous situation. Your dog expects you to protect it because you are the alpha leader and that is what you are supposed to do. But donít get between the dogs because you will get bitten. 


Your pet will see you as an aggressor not as her owner so she will bite you, so donít get between them. Usually males fight males and females fight females so the other dog is the same sex as your dog.

It is recommended that when you take your dog for a walk carry a heavy walking stick and just smack the other dog as hard as you can between the ears, and just keep hitting him until he backs away. Also carrying pepper spray and using on the stray dog will deter him, but you must spray it up its nose and keep spraying it until you run out of spray. Just be careful sticking your hand in front of a fighting dog but if you are spraying as you put your hand in you should be okay. 

If you somehow get involved in a dog fight you will get bitten. If you are going to grab the other dog walk behind it and pick its hind legs off the ground like a wheel barrow, then slowly circle it sideways. As long as you are moving the dog sideways it will have trouble turning and biting you but it still can.

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