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                                                                                                                                                                 Dog Fence

After you get a dog you need a Dog Fence to keep the animal in your yard unless it is chained up

Some houses have fences around them already, but they could be basically useless for a big dog. You need something that will stop the dog and that means in most cases for big dogs, up to 6ft. High Picket Fences are pretty good as well as concrete block fences. They do the trick but you must also have a good gate that will latch shut. Then the dog has the run of your yard. I have a 6ft wire mesh fence, it is not very beautiful but it keeps the dog in and the neighbor’s dog out.

Technology has caught up with the dog industry and now there are wired and wireless containment systems available. For the wired system you have to bury a wire about 1 to 2 inches in the soil the whole way around the area to be contained. 

These are very unique systems, you just put a shock collar on your dog and as it gets close to the edge of the boundary a beeper goes off. Then if the dog keeps going it gets a slight electric impulse to drive it back. 

With this system you have to spend time training your dog or it could bolt right through, and once they know they can get through you have to buy a fence. Very effective for quite puppies but not so for unruly dogs. The main problem with these systems is they don’t keep out strays or the neighbor’s dogs, so if you have problem dogs in your neighborhood, stick to a solid fence.

To find out more about the modern technological fences available check out these stores, they look after me so they should do the same for you.

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